Another unique initiative by Humanify is Toys4you. Toys4you has an online store and a retail outlet in Sutton Coldfield which is stocked with toys that are purchased from corporate donations and the proceeds from the store helps fund various Humanify projects. Toys4you is an integral part of Humanify UK as it provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between the corporate retail with communities. Toys4you also employee young volunteers from community so they can get experience and they can learn useful skills which makes them ready for employment. 

Toys4you is in collaboration with communities, governments and partners in over 10 countries. Through this project, we are able to provide kids with toys and other fun stuff. This project helps the world’s disadvantaged and vulnerable children by tackling root problems such as poverty and inequality. Toys4you also provides Toys to local school so they can use these toys as Raffle prizes that in turn helps them fund their own projects. Some schools that Toys4you work with are Highclare School, Sutton Coldfield Grammar School to name a few, also there are local nurseries that get donation of Toys to run Raffles for local community projects. Toys4you also engages with shopping center by donating toys that help run raffles for charities like Birmingham children hospital charity.